Concretus Power Week 2021: Mission Accomplished!

On May 9th our team set out to pour 1200m³ of concrete in a week.

That’s a lot of concrete, and it’s a record-breaker for Concretus.

Lots of teams would’ve said “no thanks.” Not us. We turned 1200m³ into a rallying cry. 

We called it Power Week, and got down to business.

A foreman of ours texted this photo of him saluting at 6PM on Wednesday. He still had plenty to do before going home, but he took the time to send this to the team as a way of saying “keep going.” 

This is what working at Concretus is all about. Hard work. Team work. And the reward of a solid team, happy clients, and a job well done.

I’m so proud of this team. They’ve earned their Monday off, and  I know they won’t stop here. This is just the start.

The power is in the pour.


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