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We’re growing the Concretus team in 2022. Ready to start one of the best jobs in concrete? Read below.

Work in Concrete

Concretus is always looking for skilled, experienced workers for the positions below.
 If you think you could be a good fit, hit the ‘Apply’ button and get in touch.


Experienced crew leader with commercial concrete experience, strong communication skills, and know-how to keep a team motivated.

Formsetters and General Labourers

Experienced commercial labourers in London and area. You’ll work as a formsetter and labourer with a fast-moving team on commercial and residential concrete projects. You’ll help build the wood/metal forms required for our jobs, fill the forms with fill material and tamper the material down to bring it to the required grade.

Concrete Finishers

Experienced concrete finishers who can pour, level and smooth concrete surfaces once poured, and apply curing or surface treatments as needed. You should be familiar with using rake, trowel, float, Darby, and screeds. Experience with power trowels (push or riding) is major asset. You’re also comfortable in a fast-paced environment, and ready to work with a team of pros.

Think you’re a fit?

Concretus takes care of its people. Pay, perks, and benefits for these roles are beyond competitive. Get in touch and let’s talk.

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